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About Me

No two people will experience the same life event in the same way. While I believe that it isn't necessary to have shared the same types of experiences as those we serve, I do believe that shared or similar experiences offer greater insight into what our clients are experiencing.  It is for this reason that I focus my practice in three areas. 


As a Registered Social Worker (OCSWSSW), I provide therapeutic counselling services to individuals in Orillia and the surrounding area. 

I work with adults, aged 18 and up, and specialize in three areas including grief, loss and bereavement; care partner health and well-being; and disease management and rehabilitation.

Specializing in Grief, Loss & Bereavement, Care Partner Health & Wellbeing, and Disease Management & Rehabilitation

Grief, Loss & Bereavement
Care Partner Health & Wellbeing Counselling
Disease Management & Rehabilitation Counselling

At some point in our lives, we all experience loss.  Grief is an emotional reaction to any form of loss (actual or symbolic), and bereavement is a type of grief involving the death of a loved one (actual). 

Each of us will experience grief differently, and there is no one “right” way to do it. Sometimes, we find ourselves unable, or find it difficult to share our grief with those around us. 


Grief, Loss & Bereavement 

counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere to explore your grief.  Together, we explore adaptive coping strategies to help you through the grief process.  


Unless we are professional care partners (PSWs), the role of a care partner (also known as caregiver, or care provider), is often bestowed upon us quite unexpectedly. Being unprepared for this new role may contribute to increased levels of stress and other health issues for the care partner.  


Even experienced professionals, such as Personal Support Workers are not immune from stress that accompanies providing care. This type of chronic stress is known to have a psychosocial impact on the care provider, and thus, on the quality of care one is able to provide. 

Care Partner Health & Wellbeing counselling provides an opportunity to explore the psychosocial impact this role has and together, we create a plan to manage stress and adapt to your new role.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (2019), 44% of adults, aged 20 and up, experience at least one chronic illness. Chronic  illness is different than an acute injury in that care is ongoing and often requires a variety of health care providers and other resources.

Disease Management and Rehabilitation counselling is available to help those experiencing an acute traumatic injury, or those living with a chronic illness, (such as  Crohn's Disease, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Obesity)  to take a proactive approach to managing their own care and become emotionally ready to face a variety of psychosocial challenges.

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